Thursday 31 May 2012

Glorious Crinkles with KR Guided Walks

view across to Langdale Pikes
Many thanks to Pete and Lyn for choosing to go to Scotland to bag some more Munroes in this glorious weather.  It gave me the chance to go over to Langdale and climb the Crinkles and Bowfell on one of those days when the breeze on the tops made it far pleasanter to be up high rather than in the valley..

We took the steep but well made path up beside Browney Gill towards Red Tarn. A well earned rest gave us the opportunity to turn round and enjoy the view of Langdale Pikes with little figures climbing the crags above the Old DG.

Above the tarn the path curves west and a slight diversion to the top of Great Knott was the chance for a sit down and look at where we would be going across the Crinkles.

The route across the Crinkles ridge was super with a pleasant breeze and lovely dry rock.  Skye earned his scrambling colours by managing the Difficult Step which was more than some of the humans did! Dillbert and the rest of us took the short diversion to the right of the crag and soon joined Skye on the top. No photo of his amazing feat I'm afraid - I was too busy being poised to catch him if he fell off!

superb view of the Scafell Range
Skye enjoying the view down Langdale!

The views in all directions were fantastic particularly those across Eskdale to the Scafells and right across to the Penines and south to Morecombe Bay.

The dogs were relieved when at last we came across water and they both plunged into the tarn.

Bowfell from Crinkles
At the Three Tarns some of the group chose to sit in the sun (or shade) while Joan, Skye and I made a pack free dash up Bowfell where we could see how close we really were to Borrowdale and home turf!

Then it was a gentle descent down The Band for a well earned beer at the Old DG and a lie down under the table for the dogs.

If you haven't yet walked with KR Guided Walks have a look at our programme and come and join us

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