Saturday 23 June 2012

Weather in the Lake District!!!

Gill in spate at Glenridding - fortunately there was a bridge!

compare this with a sunny Watendlath
a bedraggled Skye on Catstycam
this view of Skiddaw is hard to beat
What weather we've been having - it keeps switching from glorious sunny days with fabulous views of distant hills to soaking wet days with swollen rivers and sodden feet! Throughout it all KR Guided Walk's clients have enjoyed memorable walks smiling through the rain or exhilarating in the sunshine.  Here are a few photos from this last weeks walks as illustration.
Rex crossed easily but what about us?

sunshine on Causey Pike and fantastic views
wet but still smiling returning from Catstycam
can you see Scafell in the distance?

Monday 11 June 2012

Newlands Round with KR Guided Walks

Seems hard to imagine the heat we had on this day and it was only two weeks ago!

view down to High Snab Bank and Newlands Valley
We started by climbing the steep grass slope onto High Snab Bank. This leads to an almost horizontal ridge followed by short scrambles and a steady climb to the summit plateau of Robinson.

Skye in tarn at top of Robinson with Scafells clear in the distance
 At last a breeze and water for Skye!

Our planned route was to descend to Newlands Hause and return over the ridge of Ard Crags. Delightful though this route is we were making good time and wanted to stay high to get the best of the breeze so we headed east rather than west to enjoy the ridge to Hindscarth and Dale Head.

on the top of Dale Head

another dip for Skye
Steeply down the grass to Dale Head Tarn and it was decision time again - down to Borrowdale or up some more to take in High Spy. On such a good day the choice was clear and High Spy it was ..... and Maiden Moor.......and Catbells.

Catbells - the final summit!