Friday, 6 May 2011

Catbells at Easter

Oh why did I volunteer to lead a Keswick Rambles walk up Catbells on Easter Sunday?  I love Catbells on a summer evening - but it will be busy, busy, busy at Easter, especially in this fantastic weather!

A small group joined me to cross Derwentwater in the launch.  We got off at High Brundelhow rather than Hawes End which is the usual starting point for Catbells with extra boats laid on for Easter. This meant we could enjoy a quiet start to our walk through Brundelhow Woods with the bluebells just coming out.  At the foot of Catbells we started to meet more people.  However, much to my surprise, the climb up the Catbells ridge was a delight with so many families enjoying their adventure.  Children love the scrambly route up and with everyone in holiday mood it was great to share their first real mountain.

Catbells from Maiden Moor

We paused only briefly on the summit as about 100 people must have been picnicing there!  Down to the col and on up to Maiden Moor was far quieter and we enjoyed our lunch with a super view into Borrowdale.  From the top of Maiden Moor we returned to Bull Crag and down steep grass into Yewthwaite Combe - not another soul here.  This way down is my favourite route off Maiden Moor except in summer when the bracken hides the path.

A rapid descent was made to Little Town where the Farm was serving tea and cakes - homemade corgette cake was scrummy.  Strolled back across the fields and just made it to Hause End in time for the launch.

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